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    In the economic world we live in today, making investments can be risky. That is why Baker & Norton Invest offers investment services based on an in-depth investment concept. Baker & Norton investment defines sectors and business models that are particularly favourable to development, and with obvious efficiency.

    Baker & Norton Invest has invested in the following sectors:


    Start up

    We chose to invest in real estate of Clinics, and in order to ensure sustainability, we took control of their management and direction.

    To grow, and to create the jobs of tomorrow, Startups need funds and must be supported by investors. This is not without risk, but there are real opportunities. This is why we invested in this type of company, especially in the manufacture of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes.


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    Tél: +41 21 983 24 50 Fax: +41 21 983 24 59